Marketing Help for Founders

Your DIY marketing needs help from the experts.

Don’t go-it alone. Get the knowledge and tools you need with on-demand marketing support.


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Marketing Coaching for DIY Founders

No more marketing confusion.

Get more customers with hands-on coaching & best-in-class, on-demand resources that actually help you launch.

1:1 Marketing Coaching from the pros

We work with you to develop goals, build plans, and apply tactics that get you more customers, with the guidance of leaders who have launched products and scaled revenue for decades.

Daily Office Hours with marketing experts

Get live, in-person help from our team of marketing experts every morning at 10 AM CST and in our dedicated slack channel.

Live Ask-Me-Anything marketing chat

Who do I hire? How to launch a campaign? How do I make a marketing plan? The Marketing for Founders team is answering your questions now.

Equip yourself with best-in-class marketing knowledge

Equip yourself with best-in-class marketing knowledge

Bring your marketing strategy & plan into focus with support from the experts that will save you $1000s and get you to market faster

Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Basic marketing tools to help you launch or grow your founder-led marketing. Ideal for founders just getting started.

Per Month

One-on-one Marketing Help

Advanced marketing help with one-on-one coaching and collaborative planning from the experts.

Per Month

Marketing Coaching

Custom marketing plan

Ongoing plan refinement

Custom Marketing Templates

One-on-one Coaching

Live Marketing Help

Live Chat Support

Daily Expert Office Hours

In-person quarterly events

Marketing Courses & Workshops

Hands-on tactical workshops


Weekly Lunch & Learns

Guide & Template Library

Founder Community

Dedicated Slack Community

In-person quarterly events


Virtual Networking Happy Hour with food & drink kits

Our process removes the mysteries of good marketing

Setting goals, creating a plan, and applying the plan is hard to navigate if you haven’t done it before.

Set goals aligned with revenue

Marketing goals and business goals need to be aligned. If your goal is revenue you need your marketing to tie directly back to revenue growth.

Create benchmarks

You need to know what metrics affect your goals.
Set benchmarks so you know what to improve first.

Develop a tactical plan

Dig into what levers you need to pull to improve your metrics. Then make a specific plan with actual tasks to complete.

Iterate on your wins

Launch your plan fast with the least amount of resources and invest more in what is moving your metrics the efficiently

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Marketing for Founders F.A.Q’s

Marketing for Founders helps your startup get the help it needs to grow revenue without breaking the bank.

We talk to hundreds of founders each year. Know the most common problem we hear?


“I need to bootstrap my marketing but I don’t know what I’m doing.”


That’s where we come in with…

👉 24/7 slack access to my team of marketing experts

👉 Daily office hours to work through problems

👉 Exclusive weekly hands-on workshops

👉 Tons of other content and tools


Want to see more?

Schedule a 15-minute walkthrough here!

You can ask anything. The daily office hours are held at 10 AM CST and are hosted by the Creator & CEO of Marketing for Founders, Adam Shaw.

We will help you through any strategic, planning, tactical, and executional questions you or your team has.

Marketing a startup can costs $hundreds of thousands per year.

If you hire an agency or an in-house marketing person that going o cost nearly $100,000 alone. That doesn’t include benefits, advertising costs, or any other tech fees you may need.

Marketing for founders gives you the tools scale without breaking the bank, starting at just $160 per month with an annual plan.


Here is the discoun you get:

👉 5% off for 2 members

👉 10% for 3-5 members

👉 Meet with us if you have more than 5 members


You can make up to $600 per year per referral member.

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